Confessions of a Singletine

 Ah lovely, Valentines Day is here, yes, that is sarcasm you detect! As someone that is more single than a Pringle (they live in a tub, you cannot be a ‘single pringle’) and being less of a mingle than those minty chocolates (what happened to them by the way?!) I have spent the day begrudgingly selling chocolates to boyfriends who ‘forgot’ the date and to women who wanted to get a card on discount…

So, here is my guide to help everyone that will be ‘celebrating’ Singletines Day along with me this year, I like to nickname V Day ‘EFF OFF! Day’ - why? Well simply because it’s the one day a year where us singles openly tell smooshy couples to eff off. Here’s the top ways to distract yourself from those godawful couples. Singletines, I salute you.

  1. Order a take out.
No meal out for us tonight, no way – let’s not be reminded of our current relationship status, no. Get yourself a menu and order yourself a big fat greasy take out, plus there’s the bonus that no one will see you in a restaurant and assume you’re comfort eating, I do not comfort eat, simply make myself happier with a plethora of meals.

  1. Dogs are a Singletines best friend.
Nothing makes life more complete than a pup. I personally believe a French Bulldog or a Pug are more than adequate at showing love and affection, their adorable little faces will light up your life. However, careful you don’t go overboard; no one likes a crazy pug person.

Alcohol is strictly forbidden today, we all know what will happen, you’ll promise to just have the one however, one glass (bottle) of wine and a few voddy’s later you suddenly decide to give your ex or your dream partner a ring or even just a text, well, we all know the disaster that goes on from here, so no alcohol!

I really hope this helps, you can do it Singletine! I just sure hope next year you can tell your story of how you used to be a Singletine!