So today I just wanted to do a short post, I guess it’s kind of lifestyle based. It’s about dreams and not giving up on them. You should never feel stupid or embarrassed by having something you’d really like to do in life, whether it’s climb a mountain, go on the X Factor or write a book, everything is achievable with a good mental attitude.  Look at obstacles thrown at you not as a barrier in your way but as motivation, if someone tells you it’s a stupid idea or it’ll never happen, okay that’s their opinion, maybe the thing that you want to do isn’t something they’d want to do, big deal – be yourself and achieve what you want to achieve.  I recently got some news about a really cool opportunity and originally I felt I couldn’t tell my family because to them it’d seem almost laughable and stupid, but to me it’s something I really want to do and only now I am starting to think, fair enough to them it may be stupid and embarrassing, but to me it’s something I’d like to attempt and it’s just another experience you can add to the tick list of life! 

I’m now at the point where I am asking myself ‘why not?’ and kind of feel stupid for overreacting and feeling like I couldn’t tell anyone due to fear of being laughed at.  I mean, you can achieve anything you want to in life, if you have a silly dream or aspiration then just do it, because I am pretty sure if you let the opportunity pass, you'll really kick yourself! Actually, after writing this post I feel better about this opportunity, it’s not something that comes your way every day and I don’t see the big deal I made out of wanting to tell my family but feeling too stupid. In conclusion, if you want to travel the moon then start building your ladder now – you WILL make it! I hope you haven't washed away in this ghastly weather, roll on the summer time!

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