I Can Do The Fandango

The quite fantastic people over at a quirky brand called Scaramouche and Fandango sent me over a couple of their products to try, you know me - I love trying products out and giving you my full and honest opinion! 

First off, I love their branding, each product is known by 2 letters, so I was sent Shampoo and Conditioner which are known to Scaramouche as Sh and Cd, I don't know if it is meant to but it reminds me of the periodic table from back in the day at school...yes, I actually learned something! They have these super sleek matte black bottles with the different coloured writing on each product, which for me is super handy - I wear glasses so when I am in the shower often cant see what I am picking up, these bright colours make it so much easier!

I started using them a week ago and I am now literally hooked! They make my hair super soft and before when I was just using any Shampoo I could find, my hair felt dry and looked a bit of a mess, however since using Scaramouche it feels soft and in much better condition. I have got to say I am really impressed, for a while I was wanting to try some of the Scaramouche products and if the rest work as well as these two beauties then I am definitely down to try a few more of their products! 

I cant really fault them, I am big on design which they have executed perfectly, and I love a product that works as well as these both do! You can buy Scaramouche and Fandango products direct from their website simply Click Here. What are your thoughts? Have you tried Scaramouche or which ones caught your eye? Drop a comment below or Tweet me @SamSquireBlog.

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