Get Fizzy With It

I recently got a message from the lovely people over at SodaStream asking me if I'd be interested in reviewing one of their machines. I don't really drink hot drinks as I am much more of a carbonated drink kind of guy, be it fizzy water or soda drinks therefore this kind of product is perfect for me! I just want to be clear before starting the review, whilst SodaStream kindly sent me this to try, no words have been put in my mouth, only sweet carbonated drinks - these are all my own thoughts! 

I have simply got to start with the packaging because it was amazing, I am all about a nice box and believe me, this was a nice box! I wasn't sure how easy these were to use as I have only ever seen them in shops and haven't actually tinkered with one myself, however they claim it's easy peasy so I gave it a go! I was surprised at how easy it really is, there's 3 main steps:

1. Fill the bottle with water
2. Use the machine to carbonate the drink
3. Add desired syrup

That's literally all you need to do to make a drink! It's great because you can choose the level of carbonation that you want to put into the drink, so you can have it fine and tingly or super bubbly and burp-inducing. There's quite a few different machines that can be picked from, from the Stream range at £49.99 right up to the Revolution model retailing at £149.99 - I got the second-to-top of the range flagship model, the Source model in blue metal. The design is so sleek and it fits great into a modern kitchen. 

You get a load of testers with each machine to try a few of the many drinks on offer - they have actually recently released 'MyWater' which is a natural flavoured water syrup which I will absolutely give a go! It's a great idea because it is cheaper than a conventional carbonated store-bought drink and you get some satisfaction from knowing exactly what is in your drink. 

I'd definitely recommend the SodaStream due to their high-quality, ease of use and the sheer amount of flavours you can pick from! To buy your own or to check them out visit the SodaStream website Click Here. They also are social little blighters, follow them on Twitter @SodaStreamUK

Have you tried a SodaStream or want to give it a go? Got a question or something to say then leave it in the comments below or Tweet me @ImSamSquire (yes I have a new username) or use the Hashtag #SamSquireFizz!