March Faves

I love finding great new products and these few are a fantastic example of new products that I am loving. It's Spring(ish) and I am loving products that make me feel fresh and clean. 

 I've been using the deodorant by Dove for about a year or so now, only recently I changed my shower gel after fancying a change. After sniffing my way down the aisle in Tesco I finally decided on the Dove Men+care.  It's called Extra Fresh which is everything I have ever wanted in a shower gel. I have to say it's really great it smells good and as I've been swimming loads lately so I want one that gets rid of that clingy chlorine smell, this definitely does the job!

I have been fed up of my fluffy mad hair and started using the Schwarzkopf Powderful styling powder, which I found really good, it worked well but had a really funky smell. I don't know whether it is just me but I feel it smells like a farm - of all the things it could smell of. So I headed out and got myself this very jazzy little pot of Ted Baker Hair Putty. It has a masculine cologne kind of smell - really fresh. 

 Finally it's the product that I am most obsessed with at the mo, the Black Charcoal Wash from L'Oréal Men Expert - I mainly bought this because it said it 'Captures Dirt, Pollution and Oil' - I always find after a day out and about my face just feels sad, my skin needs a good rejuvenate - this absolutely hands down does this. I am not normally one for High-street brand face cleansers because in the past they haven't worked for me, however I have got to say this works really well. It leaves your skin feeling really clean, smooth and tight.