Me Gusta Degusta

Let's chat about food. If you for some reason cannot find me in my house there's a VERY strong chance my head will be in a cupboard or fridge snacking away. I am just waiting to be approached to do a series of Secret Eaters...

Basically I love (literally LOVE) food, so when I was contacted by the fabulous humans over at Degusta Box I played it cool and said I was interested (whilst chomping a cookie). The box came overnight which was pretty blumming impressive, my stomach and I were super appreciative of this! Oh, if you didn't know - Degusta is a huge big box of food that is sent to you monthly for £12.99pm, all of the tasty treats inside are a surprise each month. I believe, and don't quote me on this, that Degusta Box originally comes from Spain - Degusta meaning 'Tasting' in Spanish.  The boxes are sent out between the 25th and 20th of each month and I was really surprised at the amount and the quality of food you get in them. 

This Month's box included:
- Schwartz Paella Flavour Shot x2
- Schwartz Italian Pasta Flavour Shot x2
- MOMA! Porridge x2
- Tyrrells Sweet and Salty Popcorn
- Drink Me Chai Choc Chai Latte
- Drink Me Chai Tea Latte
- Shaken Udder Milkshakes x3
- Mexican Dave's Cheesy Nachos
- Organico Durum Wheat Fusili
- Organico Tomato and Basil Sauce

I've been quite good in the fact I didn't inhale all of the food as soon as I opened the box, however the plentiful bounty is somewhat far I've tried the MOMA! Plain Porridge, I don't know if it's just me but I found it a little too watery, I followed the instructions but it was a little sloshy, don't get me wrong though I still ate it all and it tasted great. Next up, with a little help from Mummy Squire the Tyrrells Popcorn lasted just a couple of days, I've never had sweet and salted mixed popcorn however it tasted amazing, they're such juxtaposing tastes but I loved it. I was already a fan of the Shaken Udder milkshakes, I first found them in Sainsbury's a year or so ago and was obsessed, however they seemed to disappear off of the shelves and out of my life. Boo. Finally I chomped my way through (Whilst writing this post) the bag of Nachos, I love the branding of the chips and they tasted amazing, perfectly crispy and a really strong flavour. Big fan. 

The recipe card supplied is a really cool idea, whilst I am far from Gordon Ramsay (in the cooking sense, the 'F word' I manage just fine!) I may actually give cooking the supplied recipes a go! Don't hold me to this, health and safety may step in...

So basically two big thumbs up to Degusta Box! I am a big fan and would definitely recommend you to all give it a go and let me know what tasty snacks you receive! To make it taste that little bit better for you the lovely folks over at Degusta have given me a discount code for all of my readers to claim, you get a very cool £3.00 discount when you register for Degusta simply use the code J33JD - how good is that?! To purchase Degusta Box CLICK HERE to head to the website. Finally don't forget to follow them and me on Twitter - click the links @ImSamSquire and @DegustaBoxUK!