Transformation: 8Fit Reviewed

With 2019 just around the corner, there is no doubt that you’re looking down at that post-gym belly and planning to get rid of it ready for summer. Over the next 3 weeks, Handbook will be reviewing the best at-home fitness apps to see if they really do make a difference in helping you to shift those Christmas pounds.

Sitting at number 21 on the Apple App Store is 8fit, it describes itself as a workout and meal planner app and all in all, it looks pretty aesthetically pleasing. However, if there’s one thing we know about fitness apps, it’s that they make them as good-looking as possible to draw you in, and then sadly lack on the features.

From first going into the app and having a look around, 8fit seems different to others. It boasts over 800 meal ideas, it asks you what your targets are, and then specifically pushes menu choices and food plans to help you achieve those targets. It also tailors the workouts it sets you to ensure you’re once again hitting those goals.

8fit App | Men's Fitness Blog The Man's Handbook

One of the biggest bugbears with home workout apps is how complicated they can be to use. The design of 8fit feels really familiar and nice to use, it’s pretty clean and has everything where it needs to be, you have your homepage which lets you quickly access today’s workouts and meal plan as well as some quick start guides. All you need to do is tap into the app, complete your workout and enter your food and it will log it for you, you can then go back through your calendar and see your progress, great for keeping your motivation up!

What about out-of-app workouts? Simple, you just go in and log what you’ve been up to, it lets you select from a long list of activities including running, yoga and *ahem* sexual activities…hey, exercise is exercise! You can also use this manual-entry feature to add in additional food options and your weight.

It’s a great app for keeping everything neatly in one place, and if you struggle with motivation, the quick workouts will be over in a flash and you can go back to looking at their delicious meal options! Workouts vary from timed runs, HIIT workouts and you can also use their classes feature which can be a little more interactive. You definitely feel the burn after their intense, but short workouts, great if you don’t have a tonne of time on your hands!

Now the chances are you’re probably looking to start working out at home to lower the financial impact of your summer body, let’s face it, gyms can be expensive! In fact, the average Brit pays over £32 a month for their gym membership, that’s a tidy £384 a year! 8fit is pretty competitive, even with its advanced features, a full year comes in at around £55, which would save you around £330, you also get a handy free trial to see if you like it!

It is well worth a look, you can find out more info on their website, on the Apple App Store here (aff), or on Google Play here.