INTRODUCING: A Blokes Eyeview

I would just like to start by saying a big thank you to Sam for letting me guest post on his blog, I’m a big fan of Sam's blog, I love how diverse it is. You can tell what a fun guy he is from reading his posts and also how serious he is when he writes about the stuff loves, I also love how professional his webpage is and I can only hope one day mine reaches the standard his is.

Well that's enough about Sam, I’m sure you all know who he is already. I would like to introduce my self. I'm Carl and I'm a 32 year old husband and father to an awesome 9 year old boy. And just over 2 months ago I decided to start a blog. Starting a blog to me was totally out of the ordinary because the last time I typed something up was back in school and that was a long time ago, Also I wasn't sure if people would want to read about what I was writing about.

My Wife has been blogging for well over a year now and it's the best thing she has ever done, so I thought ‘stuff it’ I would have a go. Now I'm 2 months in I've gained my own little following on social media and have been getting a good number of page views and some great feedback so I am not stopping anytime soon. There was one big problem, I'm not the best speller in the world and my punctuation and grammar are really poor but I'm getting better with each post I write…well, I hope I am! This is my blog.

When I saw that Sam was on the look out for new male bloggers to guests post on his blog I jumped at the chance - I wasn't sure what to write about but Sam explained it could be about anything I wanted. This was a tough one, I love rugby, gaming, food, and loads of other things, I’m also a big music fan. I don't listen to the music that most of my friends my age do. As a kid I listened to rap music, I was a big fan of Snoop Dog, EminemTQ, and many more. The only bad thing was hiding the tapes and CDs from my parents due to the obscene language!! As I got older I kind of grew out of the artists from America and started listening to UK artists, I got in to the UK Grime and Hip-Hop scene quite a bit but a lot of the artists sounded the same. For some reason I preferred an artist that stood out. One who had there own unique style and sound.

So I started to look for artists closer to home to follow. I found a few artists who I took a liking to like Blizzard, Shotty Horror (both from Manchester), and I found a couple a lot closer to home like Lunar C, Robin Rizlar and a few others all from West Yorkshire.

But the one artist who stood out for me and is smashing it at the moment is Jack Flash

A couple of years ago me, my brother, and a good friend got tickets to go to a Don't Flop rap battle event in Leeds where a few of the local Yorkshire rappers were in battling, plus many more from around the UK and abroad. It was a great 2 nights of rap battles and one of my favourite battles of the weekend was Jack Flash vs Big Scizzahz

Over the next week I did a bit of research on Jack flash. I found out he was from Huddersfield and had a few mix-tape and EP out and had just released his new album titled “Progression”. So obviously I downloaded it and it was played in my van through my phone for ages and still gets played on a daily basis. It was a great album. It had some absolute banger's on it my favourite was a track called Snooze Button. This album help me through 12 months of rehab when I had a full knee reconstruction due to a bad injury playing rugby - I was doing an hour on the bike at the local gym everyday with this album on in my earphones. I got a few funny looks when I was singing along haha!!

I followed his movement on Facebook and Twitter and was made up when I found out he was creating some new music. It was going to be nothing like his older base heavy, hard hitting rap - it was going to be a bit more of a laid back, soulful sound. And also he was working on it with his band so you know the music behind the words was going to be amazing. I cannot remember how it came about but I was invited to a live gig in Huddersfield where he was showcasing his new music for the first time with his band and it was going to be filmed by On't Sofa. If you've never of heard of On't Sofa then let me tell you a bit about them…

They are a new video music channel and production company creating content for the online generation. They showcase artists in all genres from Pop to Indie, Rock, Folk, Hip Hop, R&B and Urban. It was a great night I had the pleasure of meeting him and he was the most down to earth genuine guy you would ever meet.  The music was amazing. I had heard a few of his new tracks on YouTube which he had released but hearing them live was something amazing. The way he works the crowd and gets his message across through is word is 2nd to none.

Watching him live just showed me how talented he was. His new music style was great if I'm honest I preferred it to his older stuff. He was a story teller mixed with rap, and expert world play, he’s also an expert at free-styling - I'd probably have to say one of the best in the UK. 

Some of the Songs hit you deep and play with your emotions big time, especially a song called "Say No More" and “Mayflies”. Seeing him play these songs live you can tell they are coming straight from his heart. By the effort and the look in his eye when he's performing It almost seems that the words he is singing are all past experience of his. I'm not a emotional guy but when he performed Mayflies live my eyes did fill up a bit. I also had the pleasure of meeting him a few months later at another one of his gigs, where we both were sporting cool facial hair! 

It was another great gig and in his performances you could tell how much hard work he as been putting in - I didn’t think he could improve from his last live show but he had. To be honest I could talk about him all day long but I would love to know your opinion of him. So here's one of his latest tunes filmed by On't Sofa sessions. 

He also has just brought a new EP out called Stone Soup - Which is 4 of his songs but totally stripped back and sound awesome. 

If you like his style of music you can download it from iTunes and also his Bandcamp

I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you like how I write and want to read more please come over and see me on my blog…here! Why not hit me up on Twitter, too!