A Travellers Guide to Airbnb

I see loads of questions about Airbnb online and the pros and cons of travelling using it. Seeing the world is great and with cheap flights at your fingertips there’s a whole world of opportunity out there for you to go and see some amazing countries. I’ve just got back from a long weekend in Venice using Airbnb and I will be heading to some other locations this year using it too, I thought I’d share some pros and cons of using the site to help you with planning your next trip.


It’s quick and easy
Minus the fact I am super indecisive and shortlisted 50 homes in Venice, using Airbnb is really quick and easy. To book all you need to do is check your dates are free and get in touch with the host (owner/manager of the property) - usually they get back to you quickly and when I had *finally* decided on the right pad for us, it only took a couple of hours to have it all booked in! You can pretty much do everything right within the app so all you need is your phone and you’re good to go.

You won't (or shouldn’t…) get lost
Once your booking is confirmed and arrival day is here, you’ll get a notification in the app to let you know the exact location of the home, tapping this will open maps and you’ll get directions to the front door! It makes finding the home so much easier, all you really need is a good sense of direction!

Hidden gems
Hotels are great, but Airbnb has some incredible hidden gems, you find yourself in the heart of a city living like a local and experiencing the location to the fullest. Our Venice Airbnb was in a tiny backstreet near some incredible tourist spots but just far enough away to not be heaving, it worked out much cheaper than any hotel and was so much more comfortable as we could come and go as we pleased!


Airbnb guide for travellers | Sam Squire UK travel blog

Reliant on a good host
The success of your stay is really reliant on having a good host that takes care of their home. Our host was fantastic and not only did he keep the house clean and tidy, he really went the extra mile, providing an Easter egg and cake plus extensive local advice. If you don't get a good host and the house isn't looked after then you could end up with a lacklustre stay, it’s always worth checking the reviews and average rating before booking!

Not always cheaper
Whilst on the most part, splitting the cost of an Airbnb would work out cheaper (if you’re in a group), sometimes they can be pretty pricey and you could get a decent hotel complete with meals for a lower price. It’s worth remembering, you’re paying for the home and use of it, meals etc are all extra on top of the price.

Additional fees aren't displayed in the list price on Airbnb, when we arrived we had to pay a tourist tax to our host and this had to be cash so make sure you’ve got a bit of change on you. Other costs that may not be in the list price, but displayed in the listing are things like cleaning, breakages and additional guest costs…but this is really down to the host to decide if they want to charge or not - if you get a great host like we did, there won’t be any hidden costs!

I highly recommend giving Airbnb a try if you haven't already! I found it to be super easy and stress free. If you’re travelling in a group it’s a great way of keeping that group atmosphere whilst still having your own space! Let me know your Airbnb experiences in the comments below.