Outfit - The American Boy

I hit the stores recently to pick up some new things, Topman and New Look were well and truly raided by me...oops!

I picked up this awesome 90's inspired stripe tee, I don't know about you but it reminds me of an American bowling team? This is from Topman and cost £16 - it's skater fit so is super long in length and baggy, sort of the only style shirt I wear now. You can check it out and buy it here.

sam squire

Next up when I was in New Look I picked up the Burgundy Bomber Jacket - this is a super comfortable jacket - its definitely perfect for spring as it’s got a bit of thickness but it isn't too hefty, like you probably wouldn't wear it around the house but you can definitely get away with wearing it whilst out and about. This cost £39.99 and is available right here.

I teamed these with a pair of Topman’s Spray on Skinny jeans, I literally swear by these and don’t even bother trying to wear other brands because I know the fit of the Topman ones is perfect for me, I hate nothing more than loose jeans/trousers. On my feet are a pair of old Nike Blazer sneaks - they are just super comfy and complete the American style look. 

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