Andy Jordan - Man Of The Moment!

Ah Chelsea, the land of the rich and famous…and of course the very stylish Andy Jordan! Reality star he may be BUT the 25 year-old actually has something else to his name, this dapper entrepreneurial musician also has a clothing brand, JAM Industries. I caught up with Andy to have a bit of a chat and find out more about the reality-show-surfer-musical-fashion-designer-dude…I mean really how many things can 1 guy be good at?!

Delving straight into your style Andy, what is the one style item you simply couldn’t live without?     

The one thing I can’t live without is a pair of slim fitted black jeans…. they work with almost all looks!

I’m a sucker for black jeans, too, so easy to style up! Overall, how would you describe your style?

I don’t feel like I have any one particular style that I stick to. I like to mix it up, however I will always try to keep some classic shapes involved to polish a look. I spend a lot of time in recording studios or travelling, so I always want to be comfy with oversized shirts and sweatshirts, however to avoid looking like a slob I will juxtapose these with a well fitted pair of slim fit jeans, polished shoes and a trench coat. 

You’ve got great, chilled style. So, out of the whole MIC cast, who would you say has the best style and why?

I think Oliver Proudlock has the best style of the guys in MIC, he takes risks with his wardrobe which is great, and he is very versatile with his fashion, pulling off various ‘styles’. 

Ollie is pretty damn stylish! I actually interviewed him once, here! Who would you say your style inspiration is?

I don’t really have a style icon as it were, I tend to take inspiration from looks I have seen in day to day life… I always take a memo when I see street style that looks great and then work out at home if I can do something similar and get away with it!  

andy jordan

It’s good to be unique, and to not just outright try to be someone else! Formal suit or chilled sweatpants?

Formal suit. I never do sweatpants. 

That explains why you do dapper so well! Some people don't realise you actually have a clothing/lifestyle brand JAM Industries, what inspired you to set it up?

I felt there was a massive gap in ‘surf fashion’. The modern day surfer is often travelling between cities and beaches, and in need of something more than a quicksilver t-shirt. I wanted to bridge the gap between fashion and surfing to create products that can translate from a bar/nightclub to the beach. 

That gap as definitely been bridged! If you could only ever wear one brand/designer again who would it be and why?

If I could only wear one brand it would be J Crew. The brand incorporates both informal and formal, and every season produces so many timeless pieces I think I would be able to match trend for a long time to come… well I hope. 

andy jordan

I have to agree, J Crew is super good at working for all different kinds of occasion! So, what is cluttering up your wardrobe, what do you own the most of? 

Jackets and shoes. Jackets are a real pain in the backside because they take up so much space. I don’t want to get rid of any though because I always feel (particularly in the cold of the UK) its jackets and shoes which define a mans outfit. I always judge people on their shoes haha. 

Thanks to Andy for giving up his time to talk to me, we all know, when I talk…I talk! Also, thanks to all of you! As you may know, we ran a Twitter Takeover where Andy came over to my twitter account (@ImSamSquire) to do a special #AskAndyJordan and it. went. off! Sorry to anyone that didn't get their question answered, as you probably saw there was hundreds of questions coming in constantly and as Andy replied personally to each and every one, he ran out of time! We hope you enjoyed it though and got to know Chelsea’s Musical maestro a bit better, don't forget, if you don't already follow him on twitter you can by clicking here!

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Pic credit: Pause Magazine