Top 3 Man Mags - April

I personally don’t think enough people, both young and old read magazines these days, that’s why I was super excited when asked me to partner with them and create some wicked cool content for you all. Whilst part of my partnership will see me earn a few pennies, this post is excluded, I just fancied a general mag chat today so I wont be getting paid to write this! is the UK’s leading magazine subscription website, they have some super great deals to save you money on some of the best magazines around - here are my top 3 for this month…plus one for the ladies!

I have always been a lover of GQ and before my chums at kindly hooked me up with a 12 month subscription, I was forever missing issues (it’s seriously annoying having an issue missing from my shelf!) - with all the latest in fashion, lifestyle and things you’ll never be able to afford but enjoy looking at, GQ really is the perfect option for the modern gentleman! By subscribing through - you’re saving £17.98!

We’ve all been guilty over the winter of trading our abs for flabs, Men’s Health contains everything you need to look like you were carved from stone this summer. Hit the gym with their training plans, follow their healthy eating plans and get that Adonis body back! This is a great subscription because you can opt for just 3 issues for £3, saving £8.97…money towards a months gym membership, no?

As the best and biggest Film mag in the UK, Empire is one for all you film buffs, with exclusive news and behind the scenes info along with huge interviews and previews, it’s a great option with the ability to opt in for just 3 issues for £6…just £2 an issue! Give it a look if you’re in to your films! 

And now one for the ladies, whether you’re looking for something for a female friend or you are a female yourself (hello!) Cosmopolitan goes down as one of’s best selling magazines. As a girls best friend, Cosmo covers everything you need, from fashion and beauty to celebrity and…erm…sex 😳…you cant go wrong with a subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine, available in 6 or 12 issue subscriptions, with the latter being only £25 a year…heck girls you could spend more than that on a Primark spree! 

What magazines are you currently reading? Let me know in the comments below! Sidenote, I am working on a review of music streaming service Tidal, have you got it or used it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter