A Whole Year...

I honestly cannot believe that this dear old blog is almost 1 year old! I have almost spent a year of my life publishing my ramblings for you all to read, that does also mean if you’ve been with me since the beginning, you’ve spent a year reading those ramblings, you poor soul!

I wanted to do something different – it’s been a fantastic year that I have genuinely enjoyed so much and I can’t think of anything I regret. So, to celebrate throughout August there will be a huge variety of regular reviews, guest posts and more, it’s going to be amazing! I can’t believe how many cool brands I have worked with and when they found out it was a year coming up, they have all come together to send me products and presents that I will be putting on the blog.

To make this awesome time even awsomererer for you, I have rallied around with these brands and more, and chipped in a few bits I love to create a monstrous giveaway, honestly it’s so huge it’s amazing. I may even enter myself…kidding obvo.

Looking back, so much has happened this past year, I went from being a kid that had no idea of things to becoming a well-established blogger, I have a loyal following that’s ever growing and for that I am eternally grateful, I have never experienced such bizarre things – I remember when I worked with a brand for the first time they asked if they could send me some products, I think I replied with “I’d love to check them out but I can’t afford them right now” God bless me, now, I have a dedicated email because I get so many brand enquiries they have to be filtered through! It’s pretty cray. I’ve had a haircare range that got a wondrous response, and the most bizarre thing of all happened – I released a book, a look back on the past year of blogging. Honestly I thought a couple of people would download it, however it ended up storming up the charts, Kobo contacted me to snap it up and put it on the Kobo store and so have Nook! Out of over 600,000 books on the Amazon Kindle store, for 5 days my book sat neatly at 200 – for a first book, I am more than chuffed.

It’s simply been a great year, I really hope you enjoy the next month of blog posts, I want to start here by thanking you all, thanking every single person that has supported me, followed me and helped me to create this amazing place where I can jot my thoughts. You’re truly all amazing, without you I simply wouldn’t be what I am – genuinely you never fail to amaze me with comments, thoughts and support. Thank you. Secondly and finally, thank you to all of the brands I have worked with – by supplying me with products, cooking up brand deals with me and sponsorship and advertisement, you have  fuelled my creativity and have for sure helped me to write up and create some kick-ass blog posts.