Back To Jack

You might have seen, a couple weeks ago I published a blog post regarding Jack Wills and some really poor service I received.

Literally minutes after going live, Jamie, the branch manager dropped me an email (I got slightly confused, it seems Emily isn't the branch manager, she perhaps got a bit confused…) - it was a really good email Jamie sent me and to give him his due he seemed really disappointed that it had gotten so bad that I felt the need to go ahead with publishing. Whilst he was on annual vacation, he still got in touch and ensured that a member of staff in the store was assigned to sort the issue out. 

He informed that that even thought Emily tried multiple times to get though to Quality Control, she told him that it was to no prevail as she couldn't get though - this is the only thing that didn't quite match up as Darcy, the team member in store informed me that when Emily got in touch with them, they informed her that my item had been lost in the post and it never received them - I think, and this was a point mentioned to Jamie, that communication within the store is lacking and perhaps if staff communicated with each other better, problems like mine would be solved much quicker. 

I am absolutely not getting negative in this blog post - just simply relaying some facts about what happened. Jamie has said that he sees some serious flaws in the was QC returns are done and has immediately rectified it in his store before alerting Head Office, you can’t say fairer than that!The store gave me a gift card with a full refund on plus an extra £10 as a goodwill gesture which was extremely kind of them. I have since spent part of the money on a new shirt and so far the quality seems fantastic.

Of course I headed out to get some snaps of me in it for you to all see, it’s a super nice Oxford style shirt, really thick, really heavy and perfect for chilly winter days when you just want to look a bit dapper! 

And that is that, problem solved - I am actually happy that I wrote my negative blog post before I think because it was 100% factual, it highlighted flaws and issues within their system so hopefully in future, if Head Office listen, people will not have any issues when returning via Quality Control…you know me, changing the world one corporate procedure at a time ;-)