Bags of Style

Everyone needs a bag, whether it’s a snazzy backpack to keep snacks for workaholics or a posh holdall for the clothes of first class travellers, we all have something to keep in a bag. Not only that, they are a fantastic stylish accessory that any busy being should own. Check out my style guide to which bag is best for your different stylish requirements. 

The Bum Bag

Topman bum bag | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

To all you university student-low cut ever wearers, you’re probably off to a festival this year. Keep those booze pennies safe (and the padlock for your tent which has since been broken in to) along with your Nokia 3310 in a bum back, easily accessible even when you get festival vision (the worst double vision of your life). This Topman one is less than £15!

The Holdall

ASOS holdall | Sam squire uk male fashion & lifestyle blogger

Pretty much the Ronseal of the bag world, the holdall *literally* holds all, imagine that! A good holdall is always a good thing to have, be it for a weekend away or a business trip, you can fit so much in them - plus a good leather one will last you for a good while - like this ASOS Menswear one for £70! 

The Back Pack

New Look Mens back pack | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

I actually think we should all channel our inner school days and wear back packs, I wear one all through the week because I can fit so much in it and not have the worry of not having something with me. Don’t fret, I don't look like a tourist in it and I certainly don't have one of those ones that has a clip at the front, what kind of bag has a bloody seat belt? That sh*t is more like a parachute. This £14.99 bag from New Look is a great option for spending a day in the city or chucking on for your morning commute (complete with snacks of course). 

The Briefcase

Bottega Veneta briefcase | Sam Squire UK male fashion & lifestyle blogger

I mean really it had to be done…at some stage in our lives we will have been a briefcase w*nker just like good old Will (if you don't get that reference, ask one of the cool kids). I’d recommend, if you want a nice briefcase, this Bottega Veneta Nero Soft Crocodile Briefcase is a great and financially viable option at £18,015…😨

What bag do you opt for in life, drop me a comment below, I'd love to know! See you tomorrow for the cocktail club 🍸