5 celeb beards you have to try!

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Beards. They can make or break a look and if unlike me, you can actually grow one, it leaves you with loads of options for switching up your style relatively quickly. From a scattering of stubble to a thick beard that would do Dumbledore proud, you have plenty of options out there if you’re looking for a new way to spice up your style. 

Ultimately the easiest way to transform your beard style is by using a beard trimmer. They offer you loads of flexibility and precision to get the exact look you’re after. Here are 5 celeb beards to help inspire you a little more…

Zac Efron Beard Style | Sam Squire UK Men's Fashion Blog

Zac Efron

He’s constantly switching his look up, however his simple longer stubble look, offset with the white-out bleach hair offers a quirky, yet suave style that really makes his whole outfit. Whilst the bleach is hard to maintain on dark hair, his beard is actually very low maintenance and you’ll just need to trump the stubble now and again. Make sure to shape up around your lip! 

David Beckham Beard Style | Sam Squire UK Men's Fashion Blog

David Beckham

Becks is ultimately the fresh prince of grooming. His style has changed numerous times over the years, and this iteration of his beard style isn’t dissimilar to Efron’s, however this is kept a little shorter making it more of a ‘fresh out of bed’ look, or 6 o’clock shadow. 

Justin Bobby Beard | Sam Squire UK Men's Fashion Blog

Justin Brescia

If you’re thinking ‘who?!’ then just switch Brescia for Bobby and you’ll know who he is. The resident rocker from MTV’s The Hills nails the Jack Sparrow look with grungy long hair and an edgy but well-kept beard. A great option for guys with longer locks, however it does take a little bit more maintenance than the previous two. 

Liam Hemsworth Beard | Sam Squire UK Men's Fashion Blog

Liam Hemsworth

Liam generally doesn’t change his look all that often, his beard creates a really laid back style and he often will leave it to grow out under his chin. This is great if you’re looking for something low maintenance and you don’t need to look too over-preened for work. 

Ant Middleton Beard Style | Sam Squire UK Men's Fashion Blog

Ant Middleton

If you’re thinking ‘that is one helluva beard’ you would be correct. Ant had a super thick beard that he generally keeps in very good nick, a good beard oil, and keeping it regularly trimmed up is essential, and longer beards can look scruffy pretty quickly! 

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