Review: Beats Studio

So as you may, or may not know, it was recently my birthday. I got loads of pretty awesome things and one of my fave things I got happened to be some Beats By Dre headphones. I have seen so many mixed reviews of them, I am absolutely not an expert when it comes to sound/music and headphones, I just want something practical that will do what I want and will last for a good length of time. 

Whilst SOME experts seem to think these are simply an expensive fashion accessory and that they don’t actually produce brilliant sound, I wanted to try them for myself…never trust an expert! 

Beats Studio Review | Sam Squire Mens Fashion & Lifestyle blogger UK

I opted for the Studio version as they have the noise-cancelling (ANC) feature that I wanted, great for when I am in the back of a car I can just zone out and chill. They fold up fantastically into their little hard case which is great because A, it gives you somewhere to keep them and B, it’s actually quite a tough little case - I'm pretty sure (but haven't tried) you can drop them and they will survive a good drop! 

Being iPhone friendly, I can control everything I need to on the headphone cord, which plugs into the phone and into the headphones, when you plug the cord into the headphones, it somehow (I think it’s gnomes basically) sucks all the noise out and leaves bliss silence - yes, you can still hear a faint noise of people chatting etc but when you get some tunes playing, it’s easy to ignore people. 

Really and truly I do think they are great, they are super practical, feel pretty hardwearing and produce some wicked sound. I find with the Apple EarPods I used to have to whack the volume up really damn high to get the sound I want to hear, however with the Beats my volume usually stays around half way and I hear what I want really well…I haven't tried the volume any higher because I'm pretty terrified of bursting my eardrums. 

My verdict: A nifty headset, they work with all the popular phones (and Blackberry…ahem…) and do what they do to a really high quality. Yes they may be a little pricy but at the end of the day I always live by the fact that you get what you pay for with electronics. If you’ve got a little bit of spare cash, give them a go - I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. What's your fave headphones? Drop me a comment below!