Being A Blogger - Part 1

So I am often approached online in emails, Tweets and Direct Messages asking about what I do and how I do it, how to be a better blogger and all sorts of stuff like that. I thought it was about time I shed a little light as to what I am about and give you a few tips in a new blog series - this one is just a little overview. I don't proclaim to be any kind of genius blogger, I am just me and I do what I do because I enjoy it and knowing I have a growing following that read and enjoy, well that makes it like 100x better!

My first ever blog post was actually encouraged by my sister, Katie, you’ll know her as The Stylinguist - as a female blogger she helped me get all set up - we created a blogger site and came up with the name Sam Squire (Kate actually came up with that, it’s served me pretty well!) 

I guess this is where I will start - my first ever blog post was published on blogger - I think I just used the basic theme, nothing special and just ran with it - the first post will take you around 60.3 years to read because gosh darn that thing is long! That’s the one piece of advice I give people when they ask, keep it short, sweet and concise - if my interest isn't captured within the first 10 seconds…I am leaving 🚶

Images are SO important, you want to look at nice things and have something graphically sound - over time this will improve, you’ll probably take crappy pictures when you first start blogging but hey, you learn as you go! I started with a Nikon D3000 DSLR with a standard 18-55mm kit lens, I have recently upgraded to a Nikon D5200 and got a 50mm pancake lens. Just a quick geeky camera bit of chat - the D5200 has an AMAZING image sensor and the pancake lens makes my life complete - if you don't know what a pancake lens is, it’s basically a short barrel lens that doesn't zoom. A good camera is key for creating some wicked cool shoots!

Having a nice website will make your blog, a crappy one that doesn't work will do the opposite and drive traffic away - I started with blogger, changed themes etc but still wasn't 100% happy with what I got from it, so like a dumbass, I moved to Wix - whilst Wix is really easy to build with, it’s kind of a bitch to use. I built by site and was happy with it, when it went live it was SO SLOW - if you viewed it on a mobile or tablet the internet would normally crash, it just wasn't a good look. So NOW (Third time lucky, right?) I am with Squarespace, I can’t recommend them enough - they can build your site for you, too! The bandwidth is unlimited on my site meaning it is speedy from ALL devices and they give you super detailed metrics (also available on an app!). Blog upload can be done via the website, by sending an email OR by using the mobile app, it is SO flexible…best move I have made!

So that is a super short little overview - keep an eye out for more in this series, including working with brands and celebs, honing your writing style and tapping into niche markets…and whatever else pops into my head!!