Steal My Style: Beside The Seaside

I literally haven't done a post featuring my style in so long it’s crazy. Mainly because since I went daily, I find being able to chuck out other great content easier than having to prep for shoots. I took a trip to Essex for the Easter weekend and we trotted along to Mersea - a quaint little island near Colchester…and a PERFECT shoot location - here’s what I wore…

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The Sneakers: For a beach walk you don't really want to be wearing anything too nice, BUT no one wants to look drab do they? I wore my trusty Nike Blazers, these remain my comfiest sneakers plus they look good quality and aren't tacky *ahem Adidas Originals Supercolor* 

The Jeans: If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I wear only one style of jean from one brand, the Topman Spray on Skinny Jeans are the jeans I swear by and I will literally wear no others, these black ones were actually the first pair I ever bought, they’re looking faded and worn and I think that makes me love them more! Check out the full range here.

The Tee: River Island have this awesome thing called the Design Forum, if you haven't heard of it, read more here. It’s basically created by River Island and the BFC where independent designers are invited to design a small collection that is then sold online and in stores throughout the country - not many of each garment are made and it’s a really prestigious thing to be involved with! I saw the James Long tee in my local RI and immediately had to have it as it was the only one in the whole store and it was my size (basically kids, we call that fate!) This was £35 and I believe there’s a limited stock available online too, here, you can also have a browse of the whole River Island X James Long range - it’s pretty impressive and I will definitely be trying out some more of it!

The Jacket: This thick New Look bomber is perfect for spring, it’s light but no too light that it would disintegrate in a strong wind. It has a nice thick outer material in a flecked burgundy colour and a lined inside to keep you that little bit warmer! Plus it’s one offer at just £16.00 which is a darn bargain!

So there you go, that’s who you can steal my whole outfit…you’ll have to pick your own socks and boxers but I'm sure you’re capable! Let me know what you think in the comments below or via the wonders of social media!