Radio 1’s Big Weekend - Hull

If you don't follow me on social media, you’ll be blissfully unaware that I have literally plagued my followers with updates about my epic trip to Hull this weekend. The awesome folk over at BBC Radio 1 got in touch with me a few weeks back and invited me over to their annual festival in Hull for the whole weekend - I of course said yes because the lineup was absolute fire, and it certainly didn't disappoint!

Being invited by Radio 1 meant I got all the cool behind the scenes access to the things you wouldn't normally get to see at a festival, plus got to use the nice posh loos in the VIP area which certainly doesn't go unappreciated! This weekend Hull played host to some of the world’s biggest music acts including Katy Perry, Little Mix, Bastille, Imagine Dragons and Rag & Bone Man.

They all took to the stage over the weekend, which was scorchingly hot, to the point where I have some interesting sunburn I simply hope will go brown before I go back to work this week! Because of my backstage access, it meant I could have a little snoop around, in the VIP area we had some fantastic food, a barbecue stand, freshly made pizza AND a fancy cocktail van were all on offer to us alongside a bar which was great for chilling in the sun in-between performances.

Katy perry at Radio 1's Big Weekend

Katy Perry was Saturday’s headliner closing the show with an incredible firework display and a moving tribute to the victims of the heinous Manchester terror attack. On the matter of the attack, the festival felt really poignant, music lovers standing together, dancing together and having an amazing day- the security was really tight, with armed police on entrances and a lot of police patrolling the site, it felt really safe and means revellers could get on with enjoying themselves! On both days of the event a one-minute silence was held to honour the victims of the attack, it was really amazing how the whole site of 15,000+ people fell completely silent.

Imagine Dragons at Radio 1's BIg Weekend 2017 Hull

My favourite set from Saturday’s Big Weekend performances came from Imagine Dragons - they tore the place up, got everyone jumping in the sun and had an epic set. I also coincidentally wore the same shirt as their lead singer on the second day of the event, so he’s also a style genius!

Sunday was opened by Little Mix, who got the energy of the whole place buzzing. Their insane dance routines and vocals made for a fantastic set. I was always one of those guys that was a little sceptical of them, I sort of thought they were a band for little girls, but their music is seriously good, they sing really well live and pack loads of energy into their performances!! After seeing Sawn Mendes and the iconic Sean Paul both grace the stage my highlight of Sunday had to be Bastille.

I am a huge fan of Bastille and saw them perform a couple of years back at V Festival, their performance was incredible at Big Weekend, full of their biggest hits as well as some epic new tracks from their new album the crows went absolutely wild for them - Dan really knows how to hold a crowd and the massive audience sang along and jumped to every song - I got pretty close to the front for their set which was awesome to be able to see the set up close!

The whole event went glitch, and drama-free…unless you count Little Mix’s Jade ripping her trousers as a glitch! I want to thank Radio 1 so much for inviting me to Big Weekend, it was absolutely epic, well run and the extra-security measures that were put in place last minute put everyone at ease. Roll on Big Weekend 2018!!

Radio 1's Big Weekend Hull 2017

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