Cocktail Club: Bloody Jack

It’s Saturday we’re all super chilled and you know exactly what that means…time for another Cocktail Club recipe! Today’s is called the Bloody Jack, it’s a really quick and simple recipe with hardly any ingredients needed so if your cupboards are bare it isn't going to ruin your night of cocktail fun. 

What you need for this cocktail delight is…

1 shot of Jack Daniel’s Old No.7

1 shot of Grenadine syrup



Cocktail/Martini glass

Jack Daniels Cocktail | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & LIfestyle Blogger

Step 1

Chuck some ice in your cocktail glass. Over this, pour your shot of Jack Daniel’s - this is totally the type of cocktail you can adapt, if you love a strong drink, add a bit more and if you aren’t a big drinker but want to give it a go, try using half a jigger of Jack. 

Step 2

Tip in your jigger of grenadine to the glass, one thing to mention at this point is that grenadine is super sweet, if you’re going to use less Jack, make sure you use less grenadine otherwise you’re going to be left with a really sweet sickly syrup which is not great at all! If you’re using more JD it isn’t a huge deal to use more grenadine but it depends how much of a balanced drink you want!

Step 3 

Top up the glass with your Coca-Cola - with this it’s really one of those things where you add as much or as little as you want depending on how strong and fizzy you want this drink to be. 

Finally, give your drink a taste! I love it, it’s super fruity and smokey thanks to the Jack, definitely one I’ll be making again! Have you given it a go? Let me know what you think!!