The Man Tan

I wont lie…I totally never saw myself as the fake tan kind of guy. It smells of biscuits, makes you look orange and would probably be a complete fail if I did it. At least, that would have all been the case until I was introduced to Bondi Sands.

The Aussie brand dropped me an email to let me know that they were launching a brand new gradual tan for us boys and wanted me to give it a go. I have to say I am really impressed, their daily gradual tanning foam is so easy to apply and smells fantastic.

I haven’t once noticed the smell of fake tan which is great, and being gradual tan it gives you more of a healthy glow, rather than making you look like you belong on Geordie Shore.  It has a manly, deodorant type of scent to it which isn't overpowering but does leave you smelling really fresh. You simply apply it every day after a shower to keep the tan going.

Bondi Sands provided me with a tanning mitt, which is essential if you want to get a nice even tan - you simply squirt on a bit of the foam and rub it over your ransom legs, torso and back. Once you’ve done that, use the remaining product on the glove to swipe over your hands, feet, face and neck. It’s so easy to use and I haven't once looked like an oompa loompa that got caught in a downpour!

Overall, I am really impressed with the product. It’s a great option for guys because whilst it adds a bit of colour to pasty skin whilst still looking completely natural. It’s quick and easy to apply and the manly scent makes it perfect for making the tan your little secret.

I say check it out, I’ve been using it almost 2 weeks and I love it! You can pick it up here from Boots for £13.99!