Steal His Style: Brooklyn Beckham

The oldest of the Beckham brood may still only been a baby-faced 16 year old, but the dude has some serious style going on…well, lets face it - with his parents he was never going to be a Primark Tracksuit wearing hoodlum.

Brooklyn beckham - KCA 2015

Being the good big bro that he is, he gave Dave and Vic a day off to take his two younger brothers to Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards hosted in sunny California…Ah Nickelodeon…the good old days!  Brooklyn has serious style that most grown men would envy - so, here’s how you can steal his look if you’re physically older than 16 (to be honest us guys are all mentally 16, right?!)

The Tee: A plain white tee, very much like the plain black tee, this will do wonders for your wardrobe, especially when on the Red Carpet in California. It’d be simply ludicrous not to include David Beckham’s range somewhere in this post - famed for his H&M collections (that are NOWHERE to be seen in my local…) David created this simple linen tee which is not too dissimilar to Brooklyn’s - plus it’s a pretty bargain at £7.99!

The Shirt: Attteennntiioonnn! (say it in your head like the stylish soldier you are) - Khaki shirts are super on trend along with other military-inspired bits’n’bobs - this Jacamo shirt is a perfect dupe for Brooklyn’s and it’s great for those of us that don’t have the Beckham’s bank balance, because it’s just £20! 

The Trousers: Brooklyn has been seen out and about multiple times in leather trousers, they’re definitely a style staple for him. I think it can be quite a heavy look and you might not want to wear them day-to-day, that’s why instead I’d recommend these £115 ASOS Nudie Jeans - they are coated so do have a shine but don’t have the plastic look that pleather/leather has. 

Style up with a pair of sneakers, Brooklyn is wearing a pair of Kanye West’s Yeezy Boosts which are currently sold out…maybe you can pick some nicer sneakers to wear! 

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