Pearly Whites

I get quite a bit of blogger mail, and a lot of it doesn't make the mark to be put up on the blog - I only ever want to share products I fully endorse with you lot. Last week I took delivery of a rather posh package, inside a black box emblazoned with Bruzzoni was a sleek black toothbrush. If you’re wondering who the heck Bruzzoni are, you’re not alone, I hadn't heard of them either!

Bruzzoni are a Swedish brand started by founder Krister Mossberg. Krister says the brand was developed after a love of the nature of Sweden and the chic fashion of Milan combined - he says that he vision is to create cutting edge bathroom products that don’t just do their job; they also contribute to making the bathroom a natural place for aesthetically pleasing design.

Bruzzoni Toothbrush

If you know me, you know I am all about design. I love sleek black, aesthetically pleasing design, however I never want form over function, and it might look good, but it needs to work pretty bloody well too. I was definitely sceptical about this one, it looked like a luxury product that might look absolutely stunning, but not work like a highstreet alternative.

The brush I was sent was the black and gold colour way, a white and silver brush is also available, perfect for his & hers! I put the brush to the test over the last week, and I have to say I am extremely impressed. The brush is soft and the bristles are slightly longer than you’d get on the likes of Braun brushes, this means they give a really deep clean and they’re nice and soft on the teeth and gums, too. In the box you get the body, which has a soft-touch leather effect in the plastic, there are two brushes included as well as a travel cap, travel bag and the USB induction charger, which can charge the brush from any USB socket or using the razor plug adaptor.

Bruzzoni Toothbrush

Everything about the brush feels luxury, the materials are soft to touch. I love the little charger, it’s just a simple block that you pop the brush onto when it needs charging, I feel like they’ve really thought through travelling with this brush. The cap for the brush head keeps it clean in your suitcase, plus the carry bag means you can easily pack it, the compact charger will also fit in the bag easily!

Over all I am really impressed, it has a good battery life and feels like genuine quality, it also looks great in the bathroom. The brush is available for £140, which isn't a bad price at all - you can pick it up directly from Bruzzoni, or from Selfridges if you’re from the UK.