Buy A Lady A Drink...

Water. You turn the tap et voila, there it is, to some, this every-day product that we waste oh-so much of here in the UK is like liquid gold. By some I mean a quite frankly staggering 750 million people, to put that statistic into context, as of 2013 there was 64.1million people in the UK - that’s 11.7 times the UK's population!

So, Stella Artois have set out to change this by working with Jason Bourne himself…also known by his actual name…Matt *actual* Damon, who co-founded charity which goes out to try and provide as much clean water as possible to underprivileged countries. Stella have donated a fantastic $1.2million to the cause and is now inviting you to help in a really fantastic, unique way.

A lot of these causes normally want you to text donate, phone a number or pay online, however, Stella Artois have created 3 beautiful products that each represent a country that has thousands of women in need of clean water, the countries represented are India, Ethiopia and Honduras. Buying just one of these limited edition chalices will give clean water to one woman for 5 years. Imagine that - 5 years of something you not only desperately want, but need to aid survival - imagine the amount of lives that will be saved and bettered with this initiative. 


I think you’ll agree these chalices are really stunning, they can take pride of place in your cupboard because not only are the designs beautiful but the message and care behind them is something so special. 

Each glass costs £4.50 and for each glass bought, Stella Artois will donate £4.50 to* - by doing this you will be helping to change lives, I think that is something really special. If you’re interested in buying a Limited Edition chalice click the 'Buy A Chalice, Change A Life' button below, please note that you must be aged 18 years or over in the UK due to drinking laws, other countries may vary. For more information please click here

*Upto the quantity of 5,000