Steal His Style: Calvin Harris

31 year-old DJ, Singer, Songwriter, model and probably a plethora of other things Calvin Harris has been massively in the news lately over rumours that he is now dating Taylor Swift. I’ve got to say I am not wholly interested in the celebrity dating game and Taylor Swift has literally dated a new guy every week.

Calvin Harris Style | Sam Squire Male Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

However, over the years money has undoubtedly helped Calvin improve his style and image. Seriously though, you wouldn't be wearing a Primark suit if you were raking in the amount of cash Mr Harris must be getting each month. Here’s how to get Calvin’s look if you don’t *quite* earn the amount he does…

The Shirt: New Look have a pretty impressive range of shirts, for Springtime you definitely want something light that isn't too restrictive so you can go about your daily life in fashionable heaven. This bargain black shirt from New Look is just £12.99.

The Jacket: A good, slim fitting jacket will work wonders on your smart-casual spring outfit - no one likes an ill-fitting blazer that looks like you’ve borrowed your dads, this super smart Selected Homme Ny Loft Blazer from Topman might be a little pricy at £110 BUT you really do get what you pay for when it comes to tailoring. 

The Jeans: Styling this outfit with a pair of jeans makes it a bit more chill and whilst it looks smart and formal it’s so much more comfortable to chuck on a pair of jeans. These 5 pocked Twill skinny jeans from Blue Inc will not only be super comfortable but will also be massively friendly on your wallet for just £19.99!!

The Shoes: You can go one of two ways with shoes on this outfit, you can really dress it up and wear a pair of smart black shoes or brogues or you can keep along the casual line and rock a pair of black sneakers. These ADIDAS BLACK GAZELLE OG TRAINERS from Zee & Co are £67 - not a bad price at all for a pair of really squatty sneakers! 

Go forward and be super stylish! Let me know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to give this post a like!!