The Reality of It

Reality TV probably hasn't been bigger than it is right now, whether psycho exes sunning it up together, a relentless momager or that bloody awesome Millie-Spencer ‘this is what you’ve done to her’ slap, there’s plenty to pick from in the realms of life-stalking…and they all scoop a fair piece of the viewing figures pie!

So, what if I told you there was a place online full of pure unadulterated reality TV goodness? Yeah…I know, right?!

Hayu is the Netflix of reality tv, and after being a HUGE hit across the pond, it’s finally made its way through the departure lounge and landed on UK turf! The service costs £3.99 a month and will open you up to a ridiculous amount of reality TV, from the world-famous series including Made in Chelsea and The Kardashians, to some you might not have heard of before…Manzo’d with Children, anyone?

Hayu Reality TV | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

What’s really cool about this platform is the news stories, you’ll be updated with all the latest reality TV signings, news and gossip straight to your phone if you’ve downloaded the app. As well as this, you’ll also be able to stalk the social media accounts of your favourite reality stars from right within the app…stalking just for easier, nomsayin?

HayU reality TV | Sam Squire UK male fashion & lifestyle blogger

The guys at Hayu hit me up with my very own membership so I could check it out and I have to say I am pretty impressed with it! It streams seamlessly, it’s easy to use and there’s well over 3,000 episodes to pick from! Now, they don't yet think they’ll be creating any original content on the platform, but for UK viewers with so many US shows that have never hit British shores, you’ll be kept busy for quite a while!

HayU Reality TV | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

One thing I do think would be nice to see is the opportunity to watch offline, because it can be super annoying if you just want to put your feet up and watch some trash telly to then run in to issues due to a poor internet connection.

If you want to check it out you can…free for 30 days! Click here to sign up for your trial.

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