Chapter 22

Note: This post contains affiliate links and beautiful banner ads, apparently if I don’t put that it does, the Advertising Standards Agency will beat me with a rule book…so 🤷🏻‍♂️

Well, chapter 21 of my life has just come to a close and chapter 22 is just beginning…or as might say, ‘It’s my birthday, It’s my birthday, I’mma spend my money.'

On this day, 22 years ago an icon was born…that’s right, I share my birthday with actual Celine Dion. Every year I do a little outfit post on my birthday, and as chapter 22 of my life starts, I thought what better way to celebrate than grab a couple of gigantic balloons and go out in a windy field. Oh Squire, will you ever learn?

Topman t shirt | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

I went for an all-black look - I generally just prefer black anyway, I have a countless number of black jeans and t shirts…however today’s Topman tee adds a dash of white, too! This tee was one they sent me a few months back as a little gift, I haven't actually worn it a whole load but I think with the ripped jean look, it looks pretty good! They actually have a whole range of black and white tees that I am loving at the minute, especially their turtle neck knitted tee which is massively on trend right now!

Topman Ripped Jeans | Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

I donned my best ripped jeans (my mum is determined to patch them up!) for this look, these again are Topman jeans and I absolutely love them. You guys know from my hundreds of previous blog posts that Topman jeans are my favourites. The fit and quality of these ripped beauties make them superior to most other high street brands! You can pick them up for around £38 from Topman and I guarantee you’ll love the quality. Some of my Topman jeans I have had for the past 7 years or so!

Topman Slip on shoes | Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger

As the whole look was very black and white, I went for a pair of simple black and white slip on shoes from Topman, they’re great for this time of year as the days start to get a little milder. You can grab these for £22 and they’re great quality, they’re perfect for a number of looks and you could even wear them to dress down a suit.

Topman mens clothing | all black outfit | Sam Squire UK male fashion blogger

I love an all-black outfit, I find it super comfortable, I had a black bomber I chucked on when it got a little bit breezy, but it’s quite a simple look and really easy to achieve!

Right…I’m off to blow out the candles! 🎂