These Boots are Made For Walking (And other things...)

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas/other celebration! mine was super chilled and all about family, can’t go wrong!! As you can see, it's still a bit snowy back home in Lincolnshire, perfect opportunity to get a nice pic with my new camera & lens! 

I recently got an email from a company called Chatham, they are a British shoemaker and wanted to send me a pair of their new Chelsea boots for men to try out, I've always been more of a sneaker wearer than boots so I was intrigued as to the quality and style.

They sent some over and I have been wearing them for a few weeks (obviously taking them off…not literally two weeks straight, no one blogs about foot odour) and I have to say they are super comfortable - they look real good with Topman’s spray on skinny jeans and a plaid shirt, they are great for just chucking on because inside I'm a 5 year old that HATES shoelaces…I literally need velcro shoes. 

They come in a variety of colours and sizes and they do loads of different styles of shoes for men and women - to be honest I’d never heard of Chatham before they contacted me but I am really impressed with the style, comfort and quality of the boots they have sent so I will be sure to check out some more of their shoes! 

The Kensington Chelsea boots were £69 but are now on Special Price of £51.70 - that’s a pretty good saving (we all love a saving don’t we!) 

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