White Teeth Grow on Trees…

I doubt you need any introduction to Cocowhite - all the celebs (and myself) have been using it and sharing our views on Social Media and whilst I have been using it less than a week, I am ready to give my first thoughts. Make sure you read on to the end for a chance to WIN! (That’s a bit exciting…) 

Myself and Cocowhite hit each other up to work on a review so they kindly send me a pack for free - as always, yes it was gifted to me but I promise they haven’t paid me to be nice about them. If you know me by now, you’ll know that I cannot be bought…well…

If you’ve got Instagram, Twitter or just eyes, you’ll have seen this brand everywhere and as usual I was super sceptical. I have a theory that things like this are all just hype and don’t actually work BUT after just one try I noticed it had worked. My teeth aren't naturally bright white, nor are they yellow but I do have some really light staining from time to time as I am sure you all do, too!

I have been using it for 5 days now and the staining is no more, overall it has just brightened my teeth and whilst they aren't hollywood white, they certainly have a glow about them! I like the fact that unlike some other teeth whitening products they don't claim to work miracles, they don't claim that the paparazzi will follow you down the street to get a pic of your pearly whites, they simply claim the truth, it whitens your teeth, leaves your mouth feeling fresh (I have the minty flavour, literally the best taste ever) and does what it says on the box!

When mine arrived the packets were absolutely solid which I thought was a bit odd, on researching, I found out this happens because Cocowhite is completely natural and they don't use nasty emulsifiers or chemical ingredients - all you need to do is give the packet a bit of a roll around in your hands to warm it up and mix it together. The first time you use it, the texture may seem a bit foreign, I can honestly say after a bit of swilling around you get used to it and it simply feels like mouthwash - I am personally SO glad it doesn't taste rank like so many other teeth whitening products!!

Overall I have to say I am super impressed for £19.99 you get 14 days worth and if the product keeps working then you’ll need sunglasses to even look at me! Joking asides it works wonders, if you’ve got light staining on your teeth it’ll definitely lift it and I would recommend trying it! I dont know so much about heavy staining so you’ll all have to let me know!

Now for the fun part. Cocowhite are SUPER low on stock right now, however I have managed to secure ONE of their best sellers for one of you lucky lot - you could win a 14 day pack of the Mint flavour and it is SO simple to enter, you literally just need to follow myself and Cocowhite on Twitter and retweet the below tweet - how simple is that?

This competition will be open a week from today (Closes Sat 14th March) Entries cast after the competition will not count. To enter you MUST be aged 16 or over and have the homeowners permission.