Cropped for Spring

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Apparently, it’s spring…I mean, the weather alone could have fooled us all. Luckily, I headed out at the weekend to get some shots minus today’s torrential rain of an outfit I am loving for spring 2017.

I’ve never been one for cropped trousers, but I am definitely starting to like them now. My friends over at Topman sent me some at Christmas as a little present and told me I’d love them for spring…they were totally right!

Topman Cropped trousers | Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

The skinny fit had a really comfortable fit to them as they weren't too tight, and the cropped leg doesn't sit too high. Whilst they are suit trousers they look great in all manner of outfits and can be paired with different types of shoes to achieve different looks. I teamed them with my Yeezy 350 Boosts for a casual look, but loafers are the perfect option if you’re looking to wear them at work.

I teamed the trousers and sneakers with a relatively thick houndstooth shirt, it’s great for spring when there’s still a nip in the air. I also chucked on a simple burgundy bomber from New Look which helps to add a bit of deep colour to the look.

My style this spring is all about comfort, but I definitely want to smarten up. You lot know I am usually very casual but I like the hybrid look of teaming suit trousers with a casual look, perfect for being out and about!