Giving Men a Bad Name

As you have most likely seen, ITV and a so-called comedian called Dapper Laughs have come under fire in the past week and it all stems down to Mr Laughs being a bit of a liability to the human race.

If you haven't heard of Dapper Laughs (lucky you) - the TV personality started from humble beginnings on Vine, creating videos in which he gave ‘Six Second Sex Secrets’, used a guy with long hair as a joke and said other completely ludicrous and absurd things that only the Laddiest of Lads will find funny. In a complete moment of madness (and burning desire to look cool) ITV2 decided to give this guy his own show ‘Dapper Laughs: On The Pull’ how very Laddy.  The show follows Dapper Laughs…actually cut the crap…Daniel O’Reilly…taking unassuming men who struggle to pull (also known as actors) under his wing to teach them his magical ways. 

I guess really this is just a post to assure the rest of the human race that not all men are like him and his lovely little minions, a post to say that actually you don't need to joke about rape to be considered a man. The term ‘Dapper’ is defined as ‘neat and trim in dress and appearance’ which just really goes to show that you can look smart and dress well BUT there’s a good chance you're actually a bag of shit (to put it somewhat bluntly…)

Some of Daniel’s quotes and tweets include ‘It's only sexual harassment if she’s more attractive than you’ and also joked about a girl being ‘too ugly for rape’ with his equally misogynistic father. So, where did it all go wrong for Dapper Laughs (apart from birth, please) - it seems we live in an age where beating your chest makes you a ‘Lad’ - I don't know about you but the term ‘Lad’ really sticks in the back of my throat like a chunk of unwelcome phlegm. We live in an era where you can become ‘Vine Famous’ (theres that phlegm again…) and ‘Twitter Famous’ for being completely untalented. You could be the most despicable, narcissistic character BUT there will always be people that idolise you, my worry being that this is teen boys that think it is ok to sexually harass, degrade and upset women, old or young, as seen in the tweets to a female usvsth3m writer such as ‘Shut up you f**king slag…cheer up you ugly c*nt’ from gentlemanly Jonathan - your parents must be proud buddy!

I really think this Geordie Shore wannabe style of guy is bringing the rest of us down with their sleazy, STI-riddled personalities. ITV have today said they don't see any issue with Daniels behaviour, they said the following…

Dapper’s persona resolves around him being a self-styled “pulling magnet” and offering his dating prowess to members of the public as he helps others, and himself, to pull.

Dapper’s pulling tips are firmly based on treating women with respect and speaking to them in the right way and this is the message he gives to all the singles on the show during the series.

We realise that all humour is subjective and accept that Dapper’s humour is more risqué but feel that his unique brand of banter and brash charm is neither sexist or degrading to women and that his approach to pulling is based on displaying the right attitude to women in order to succeed.

I mean, really I thought ITV would have been a more intellectual corporation that wouldn't be desperate enough employ someone that trivialises rape, and normalises sexual harassment. DO you really think any *normal* company would keep a member of staff like this on. I think not.

Daniel O’Reilly was obviously a weak, dweeby child that was not nurtured by his parents, a lack of family love has driven him to become the UK’s highest paid sex pest, idolised by unintellectual misogynists - however guys like me, and actually many others out there have standards, don't need to just follow the crowd to look manly and have had a proper upbringing, know how to respect fellow humans - lets hope us, being the more intellectual part of humanity, will come out stronger, forcing the caveman-like chest beating to end.


Dapper Laughs has issued a half-arsed apology...he thinks he'll be forgiven...#HeKnows he definitely WONT!

Also a very cool guy has started a petition to get (ITV a brain) Dapper Laughs TV show cancelled Click Here to check it out! Almost 20k signatures...there's still some good people left in the world!