David Beckham - Classic Touch Review


A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a PR agency working on behalf of my ultimate dude crush, Mr. David Beckham. They asked if they could send me the latest fragrance in Beckham’s collection, a new limited edition eau de toilette called ‘Classic Touch’.

We all know David as the ultimate style hero, he never steps a foot wrong and one of his signatures is adding a subtle splash of colour with smart, tailored looks. When creating the packaging this was taken into account, the box and bottle both feature a herringbone design, the bottle is modern in design with a flash of orange through the centre.

The fragrance is actually really nice and I have had a tonne of compliments since I started testing it a couple of weeks ago, it has a mixture of woody and fruity fragrances which makes for a really nice fresh day-to-day fragrance. I actually like the scent even more after it has settled on my skin for an hour or so and you start to get the base notes of sandalwood, dried cedar wood and leather coming through. They’re mescaline but soft scents and perfectly compliment a tailored look.

I would say that you need a good few pumps of it if you’re looking to make it last the day, I tend to only apply once in the morning. I have used probably around a quarter of the bottle in the last 3 weeks so you’re looking at around 3 months worth of product if used daily. It retails for £33.95 for 90ml which is a pretty decent price for such a big bottle.

Boots currently have 90ml of Classic Touch on offer for £22.63 which is an absolute steal, click here to shop!

Overall I am a big fan of Classic Touch, whilst you need to use a fair bit to get day-long wear out of it, it certainly does stay the course. It smells fresh and fruity with a masculine base and is a great way to finish off a smart, suited look this summer. It is definitely worth checking out!