My Room Transformation

Usually with home improvement projects, it takes me a little while to get it done once I’ve started, decorating my bedroom has literally taken a whole 12 months but it’s finally finished! I don’t have any before shots because simply put, I was a bit excited to get started, but my room before was very basic, wooden shelves, beige carpet, and standard Ikea furniture.

When it comes to interiors I have quite a set style in mind and I tend to incorporate one of my favourite colours, grey. I think it’s a great colour for using as a base, you can then mix in different accents to add depth, the great thing is these accents could simply be wood like in my room, or you can go bright and bold with colour!

The style I was aiming for with my room is sort of luxury hotel, something simple and easy to manage, yet comfortable and warm. After painting a feature grey wall I set about replacing the furniture.

My Kubrick chair in Pearl Grey is from - I am completely obsessed with this website, the quality of their furniture is honestly second to none! I think for what you pay, you get way more back in quality and comfort, plus the free swatch samples were great for helping me pick the right colour for the room. Currently priced at £379, I think it was well worth the money and is a great chunky chair that’ll last me years! bed | home furnishing blog | sam squire UK male fashion & lifestyle blogger

My latest purchase from is my bed…for some people exotic countries are their favourite place in the world. For me, it’s my bed. I love a comfortable bed and their Skye range of beds are comfortable and look great! I went for the storage version because I have so much rubbish, it’s great to be able to just lift it up and hide it all away underneath. It’s sturdy, the headboard is so padded and comfortable it’s great for sitting up, and I think it matches the theme of my room really well. I went for the bed in Cool Grey, and loads more colour options are available to make it a fit for your home! Check it out here.

Next at Home | Home decor blog | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

Next Home is another great place to bag some quality furniture. I had my TV mounted on the wall but didn't like how it looked, I wanted a way to have a bedside table and TV unit in one…the unit I picked was a fantastic solution. It doesn't look like they stock it anymore, but it’s simply a long TV unit, the height, and length work perfectly for it to double up and the dark wood looks awesome with the grey tones from the rest of the room! They do have loads of others that are like this so it’s worth popping into your local store! I nipped into mine today looking for little finishing touches and came away with my awesome new rhino, I love the sleek white look mixed with the rough geometric-style pattern - at £18 I thought it was a bit of a bargain too!

I love the final look, it’s ultra-modern and ultra-comfortable and it has completely transformed my room! I team copper accents with the grey and wood as they pair up really well. What do you think? Are you carrying out any home improvement work to start 2017?