Calvin Klein Whoooo?

A cool company called Dick Winters offered to send out some of their boxers to try - as you know I love reviewing products. They describe themselves as 'Quintessentially BritishBoxer Shorts' I am all for backing British made brands right now. This is actually a really cool brand and their products are crazy high quality. Their website lists 6 different types of boxers, all for a different type of man (e.g. Sporty Dick, Rock Dick) so you'll fo sho be able to find something that matches your personality. 

They're British made as previously mentioned - it's oh so trendy right now to supply British made products so I am more than happy to back them - like you can buy boxers anywhere but knowing that they are made in the UK and don't use sweat shops etc make it a more conciensious purchase. There's all manner of sizes and colours available and all of the different ranges cost a standard £28 - much less than you'd pay for Calvin Klein (Which, FYI are made in very local...)

Overall I am REALLY impressed, a great British brand with a very consious attitude to production methods. A big thumbs up from me! TO check out their website click here OR if you want to have a natter with the DW team on Twitter click here. As usual you can follow me on Twitter and check out my over-kill on here!