DIY Style: The 10 Min Jean Short

So I was cleaning out my room when I came across some tatty old jeans. They are the fit I love but I couldn't wear them out and about because they have gotten so battered over the years. I found that last summer I was desperately looking for some skinny jean shorts but couldn't actually find what I had in my head.

So after finding this scruffy pair hiding in the depths of my wardrobe (along with Narnia) I decided to set out to turn them into some skinny shorts to wear in the summer…if it ever arrives! It turned out to be super simple taking around 10 minutes from the start to completion and I thought I’d share this easy process with you dudes!

Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle blogger

What you need:

A pair of old jeans

A measuring tape

A ruler

Tailors chalk 


Step 1:

Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle blogger

Once you’ve sourced your jeans and given them a little iron, lay one leg out super straight - get your measuring tape and measure your desired length from the bottom of the leg. I chose 60cm because I wanted the shorts pretty short - measure this on yourself first to ensure you’re cutting off the right amount! Make a dot with the tailors chalk to mark your measurement.

Step 2: 

Get your ruler and align it with the dot you previously made - draw a straight line with the chalk across the leg - this will be your guide line.

(Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the other leg.)

Step 3:

Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle blogger

Once you’re sure you’ve marked in the right place, get cutting - use some quality scissors that aren't going to fray the denim. Cut off both legs.

Step 4: 

Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle blogger

Rub off the excess tailor chalk (this will also come off in the wash) - decide if you want your shorts turned up or with a raw edge and give them another press.

Et voila. Get yourself down to the beach and rock your new 10 Minute Shorts - I don’t hem them simply because I don’t really care how long they last - you could hem them or use a bit of wonderweb to turn them up! Let me know how it goes by dropping me a pic on Twitter!