Early Morning Rebel


Los Angeles born band, Early Morning Rebel, released their first menswear collection onto the world during the most recent stint of London Collections: Men in June. This collection was met with a healthy disbelief; not because it was a load of rubbish playing off the fame of the band, but for the first time, a band has brought out a clothing range that could surpass that of some of the greatest designers.


This is no gimmick or musician's God complex. There is no underlying belief that because they can make music, they can also become actors, have a clothing range and name a pretentious scent after themselves. It is simply a stunning collection that is coming from three men that understand that music, fashion, photography, film and art are intermingling concepts.

Nathan, the guitarist and vocalist for Early Morning Rebel, explains: 

"Having attended Fashion weeks for the past several years we see creating our own collection as an opportunity to create something and express ourselves in a different artistic medium. We do all of our producing of music and videos and photos. We have the intention of having a creative and artistic collective. Now feels like the time to add Fashion into our creative outlet."

The theme of the collection is the classic American spirit and biker culture. Combine this with the items being handcrafted in Los Angeles with the finest materials, - including the best Italian leather - and you have the debut collection of dreams. That is not a compliment I use lightly. 

This is the collection from three perfectionists and it shows.