New York, London, Paris....Essex?!

The lovely folks over at Essex Fashion Week invited me and my fellow blogger/sister person down to the event to go VIP - as we all know I have grown quite fond of VIP...anyone would think I was born on a red carpet and Essex is becoming a second home because I just can't get enough of the people and lifestyle there...I swear every time I'm in Essex I'm going to a VIP event...

We pulled up to the event in our sleek black Addison Lee Merc (check out Addison Lee! Amazing service!) and made our way into the event - for the first couple hours guests just had a mooch around networking and looking at the stalls that were available. We pretty much got pounced on by the photographers that were there, I blame it on how awesome my sister looked!

There was loads of great brands showing there but dear friends I can’t write about them all! I have picked some of the best designers from the night to give you a wee glimpse of their collections! I sat FROW (of course) so got some pretty good pics of the event!


Trying To Live

trying to live

You’ll have read about TTL in my previous blog post, if you haven't read it yet then I am deeply offended and you should check it out after reading this one! It’s a great young new brand, it’s ultra trendy and even got one of the male models in a pair of ‘meggings’ - a treat for the ladies I am sure! It’s quite simplistic style but works really well and is super on trend with the current menswear season - personally I wouldn't wear shorts over meggings BUT it is a style thing and I know that somewhere out there lads must be walking around like it. Shop Trying To Live here.

Dirty Angels

Ummm hello fave new brand! If you know me you’ll know when it comes to t-shirts I prefer to buy something that isn't readily available on the highstreet. I’ve got a Fashion Focus blog post coming about Dirty Angels soon but this is just a little sneaky peek! They kindly sent me over some stuff to review and it’s AMAZING! The quality is so good and they just look a bit different to what you could get on the highstreet, I have to confess I am actually sat here blogging in my Grey Marl Dirty Angels tee, it’s so comfy! I am a new fan of them and personally think there will be loads more fantastic stuff to come from them! Shop Dirty Angels here.

Jane Norman

One for the ladies out there now…as looking at my analytics lots of you read my blog so here’s something for you!

Jane Norman were one of the main sponsors of the event and put a little gift in each of the VIP bags, Kate got some jewellery bits and I got a purse which isn't really my kind of thing (I’m much more of a wallet kind of guy, clutches just ain’t working here…) so I am sure my sister will soon lay claim on that! Their collection was really good - whilst I am not really into women fashion, I am into style so I can appreciate a good look when I see one - they debuted some really good looks, it’s definitely the upper end of class on the high street but it doesn't seem too ridiculously expensive to buy which is of course a good thing! Shop Jane Norman here.

Overall it was actually a really good evening - I am sure you have read the story on OK! Magazine BUT I want to throw a bit of clarity (and TRUTH) on the whole ‘drink throw’ saga. Oh the drama that comes to an event when you invite the utterly talentless Big Brother housemates. If you watched the series (I have done my research because I OBVIOUSLY don't watch it!) then you’ll know Helen (She was the ex-hooker, talks a bit like Johnny Vegas) took a disliking to Danielle (The Scottish one) - they were both attending Essex Fashion Week and when Danielle walked up to Helen to simply say ‘Hi’ Helen flipped, yelled something in Northern/Uneducated and threw a glass of wine in Danielle’s face before getting escorted out. So whilst OK! Magazine have to draw you in, unfortunately their facts were mostly wrong.

Like I say, I really enjoyed the event and would for sure like to go next year, I like the fact the style on show is all completely different and I like that it is accessible brands, the girl that was sat next to me wasn’t impressed that ‘It’s all cheap daahling, wheres the couture daahling, do you know I attend Milan Fashion Week’ what a shame! 

Everyone else seemed to have a really great time, we left at the end of the show so didn't really get to enjoy the after party BUT looking at the pics, it looked to be a really great evening!