Picture this, 24 hours in one of Europe’s most exciting cities, epic activities, epic accommodation and one epic device to finish it off. Here’s how I spent 24 epic (and rather tiring) hours in London with HP and their super portable HP Pavilion x2 laptop. 

Okay, so I confess my Virgin Trains service to London was possibly the least epic part of not only the trip but my life in general…an hour of standing by a toilet door isn't the best way to spend your time. Upon leaving the train myself and the HPx2 - an ultra-versatile 2-in-1 laptop that features four versatile modes at one irresistible price, headed to possibly one of the coolest bars in London…actually I am pretty prepared to say it is THE coolest bar in the whole of the UK. 

ICEBAR LONDON is the British cousin of the world famous ICEHOTEL and is the UK’s only permanent ice-made bar…the walls, tables and heck even the glass you’re holding are all made of ice. It’s kept at -5°C 365 days a year so it’s safe to say it’s a pretty chilly environment, hence the rather dashing capes they give you to wear! -5°C is clearly no match for the HPx2 which worked a dream even whilst perched on top of a solid block of ice…actually, it didn't even shiver! 

After sipping a few drinks from the rather chunky ice glass, it was time to head to Premier Inn’s latest venture, an ultra-techy hotel that would definitely put the HPx2 through its paces…and hopefully have a nice warm shower to thaw me out! Hub by Premier Inn is a fresh, compact and digitally savvy hotel that does what you want when you want, including connecting you with the heart of London and the rest of the world. I made the most of the free (my favourite word) Super Fast WiFi that is available to every guest to update my social media accounts following my fantastic evening at ICEBAR LONDON. I also used the x2’s fantastic touchscreen capabilities to edit together a few photos straight from my camera’s SD card so I could get them ready for this blog post! 

Bed time came and at the press of a touchscreen panel, I dimmed the lights in my room and laid back in what seemed to be THE comfiest bed I have ever slept in! Saturday saw an early start, ain’t no rest for the wicked, especially when there’s still so much to do in so little time! My fellow 90’s kids will remember the O2 arena being called the Millennium Dome, this is exactly where I headed. 10am came around and it was time to get harnessed up and clipped on to possibly the most bizarre urban mountaineering experience I have ever seen. 


Up at The O2 is the most unique way to see London from 170 feet up. After climbing up a calf-tingling 28° incline which Ross, my guide made look annoyingly easy - I reached the viewing platform atop the actual O2…I love a good selfie and I am pretty sure being on top of the O2 is a relatively epic selfie am I right? After an even steeper 30° decline it was time to get sorted and get ready to leave London and write up this blog post on the x2 after possibly the busiest and most epic 24 hours of my life. 


Next time you head to the big city, don't follow the norm, pick up your HPx2, #BendTheRules a little and do something epic that you’ll remember forever!

*This post was sponsored by HP