Squire Footwear Reveal

If you follow me on social media you’ll have noticed I quietly announced that I am set to launch my own range of shoes for the ultra-stylish man! I am so excited to have the opportunity to put my own style and flair in to a range of shoes that’ll be launching in just a couple of months…your feet will be super stylish this autumn! 

From runners to desert boots, I will have a really broad spectrum of shoes that I know you will love, these are all crafted from soft calf leather and suede and the best part is that they are handmade by the most skilled shoemakers in the heart of Italy. I know what you’re thinking, handmade shoes cost a bomb…seriously these won’t, prices will be around the £99 mark, that’s knocking a good £400 off the likes of Louboutin whilst being made from the same long-lasting quality materials. 

I am genuinely so excited to be able to ave some an awesome opportunity and it’s all thanks to you for reading my blog, without readers I wouldn't have half of the opportunities that I do! 

Due to the hand made nature of the shoes, each shoe needs 7 pre-orders when we go live for them to be able to go in to production, it’s a target I reckon we can meet! This is due to the materials, it needs to be worthwhile thus my manufacturer has put these measures in place to ensure we get the orders. 

Squire Footwear Italian mens shoes | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

For my Autumn range I have gone for a simple theme, mixing dark blues, reds, greys and blacks to create really strong colour palettes just like the Rando Calf Runners above, featuring my trademark triangle symbol on the side of every shoe shows you it’s me that’s designed it…I have put all my passion for design and style in to this and I am really excited for you to be able to buy them and try them on! 

The boxes feature a dogtooth pattern, it’s one of my favourite style patterns and I am pretty much obsessed with the box…you’ve gotta love a shoebox, right? I have mixed coloured suede and leathers to create a multi-dimensional textured finish to every shoe, I solely designed each shoe because I wanted every shoe to reflect my own style!

The website showcasing the shoes will be live soon, the first three limited edition shoes (we’re only making 15 of each) will be live at the start of October for my blog’s 2nd birthday, we’ll then drop the whole line of shoes for your styling pleasure! We can ship GLOBAL and delivery to the EU and USA is FREE...damn I'm good! 

I think that’s everything covered? Oh if you’re a store and want to stock the shoes email hello@squirefootwear.com…anyone can email that, if you’re bored and fancy a chat…do it!! 

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