Fuelling Your Summer!

So guys you might have seen a smattering of tweets and blog info regarding only the most super cool blog feature this summer has to offer and it’s called #FuelMySummer.

I basically got the opportunity to create this awesome feature when lots of brands started getting in touch asking if I wanted to work with them over the summer to create some blog posts and do some amazing summery photoshoots. Since then it has really spiralled, I have more and more brands on board and the content and photography is going to be absolutely off the hook.

The premise of #FuelMySummer is that I will be fuelling your summer (surprising, right? The name doesn't give it away) with huge blog posts, great content and of course a blog feature isn't complete without loads of giveaways…some of them will blow you away! 

I don’t really know how much I am allowed to tell you right now and you know how bad I am at keeping secrets so brand-wise and giveaway-wise I will be staying closed lipped until it hits the blog.

Seriously though, now is a good time to subscribe to the blog, my subscribers will find out about some of the giveaways first so you definitely want to enter your deets below to subscribe…I promise I wont pester you or sell your info to anyone!!

#FuelMySummer is really exciting, it’s going to be crammed full of epic content and I literally can’t wait to share even more info with you on it. The first summer fuel will drop very soon so make sure to keep an eye out for it - get involved with all the summery chat and latest news using #FuelMySummer on all social networks!