Five Ties For Five Guys

So it’s a bit of a big deal here in the UK today - it’s General Election day. As a democratic land, we get to vote on who we want to lead our country through the highs and lows that the economy and daily life brings. Whilst some people decide not to vote, which is obviously completely within their democratic right, I will be voting because I think it is super important to give your view, heck there’s people in countries around the world that’d love to have a voice but due to their dictatorial leaders, they never get heard. Just an FYI I’m not showing any political views in this simply to remain on this lovely fence that I'm enjoying a good sit on…

So for the five main political parties in England here are five wonderful ties that they may want to consider to jazz up their suits and look all nice and turned out for their special day…aaah their mums will be proud!! 

Red for Ed

Good old Teddy Miliband loves rocking a red tie to match his party, this Red BHS tie features a stain resistant coating to ensure anything spilled (or, erm thrown) isn't going to leave him all stained up before making an appearance on TV…plus it’s only £8…worra bargain!

A Bit More Conservative

If there’s a man that can (and does!) rock a blue tie it’s our old mate Dave - I love this Cobalt Blue Chevron Tie from Moss Bros - it’s £25 and 100% silk, definitely fitting for a party leader! The materials used help you to tie the perfect knot and if you can’t do that then maybe it’s time to revert back to the clip on (or get SamCam to help you out!) 

Mellow Yellow

I don’t really know what colour you’d call the Liberal’s colour but it’s sort of a mustard gold colour…nice! The £18 Signature Spotted Tie from Next comes in a really bright Mustard colour - for £18 you get a really good quality 100% silk tie - Mrs Clegg will be proud!

Are You Kipping Me?! 

Plum slim textured tie at

This plum slim textured tie from Red Herring features a woven textured design, a silver dotted reverse and a slim blade.

Whilst he tends to opt for the country look and isn't often seen wearing the UKIP Purple, I think Farage would look super trendy in the Red Herring Plum slim textured tie…his new best mate Joey Essex might even call him ‘fusey’ (Google it). This £10 skinny tie is a great way to add colour to your look and features a woven style design…it’s as intertwined as a coalition. 

She’s The Man

Okay so this one is a liiiiiittle awkward. It turns out the leader of the Green part is none other than Natalie Bennett who, I have been informed (by Google…thanks mate), is not a man. But hey, many a powerful woman is seen in a pant-suit these days and there’s no saying that you can’t wear a mans tie to dress it up a bit (other than the feminism rulebook I'm sure). This £10 Green Knitted Tie from Topman is a great and wallet-friendly option and to make it perfect for the Green party…it’s 100% polyester and washing machine friendly, oh. 

Have a fun General Election day, folks - what’s your top party leader style tips?