The Gentleman’s Box - Review (USA)


This is my very first US specific blog post - recently my following in the lovely old USA has rocketed so when I got the opportunity to try out and review the Gentleman’s Box - a US subscription box, I more than jumped. The box costs $25 per month and I believe they guarantee that every month the contents will always retail higher than the amount you pay so this month the retail was $61 - that’s pretty impressive!

The main thing I was really looking forward to getting was a copy of American GQ - I am an avid reader of British GQ and I haven’t ever had a copy of the American version - The Gentleman’s Box include a copy of this in every box so it’s great as a GQ subscription service, too! I assume this is a full size copy of GQ and isn't a supplement - it is listed as having a retail of $6 but I was really surprised to see how much smaller than British GQ it is! 

Next up is a set of ‘Statement Shoelaces’ these have a retail value of $5 - the ones I got are 36” waxed cotton laces - they’re perfect for smart shoes or brogues and are a dark/navy blue colour. These were from 

Gentlemans box

Third out of the box is a coloured edge pocket square - known in the UK as a handkerchief - it feels pretty good quality which, I suppose you’d want from a $10 square. This came from - a rather dapper website! 

I have seen before in this type of box you get a lot of sample-sized products - in this one I got a bottle of Das Boom (amazing name) ‘Everything Wash’ this is $3 for a 30ml bottle - personally I am not a fan of things that claim to do everything - normally they leave your hair dry because they try to focus on so many things rather than focus on being good at one thing. Admittedly it does smell nice so I’ll probably just use it as a shower gel rather than anything else. 

Next up is a pair of extremely snazzy socks. I love a good pair of snazzy socks and the branding of Happy Socks is so on point. They are really soft combed cotton socks BUT they are 12 bucks a pair so they certainly aren't cheap! They seem pretty good quality - Happy Socks do some really awesome socks!

Finally, and this is a really awesome one, it looks like you get one relatively pricey item per box, this time - again from you get the Sherman Tie Clip, this is worth $25, mine is a super cool lime green, they are really modern and seems pretty good quality again!

As previously stated, this box has a total retail value of $61, I personally think it is more than worth getting ahold of this box, you pay just $25 per month BUT receive products worth so much more, to me really it is a no brainer! You can check out and sign up for $5 off your first box by visiting! Give me a follow on Twitter to stay up to date!

Please note, Gentleman’s Box is currently only available in the USA and Canada - we need something this cool in the UK!!