Oh Amazing Grace

NEW SHOWZER ALERT!!! YouTube phenomenon/funny lady Grace Helbig has only gone and landed herself a TV show, she serves as host to her own channel and is one of YouTube’s most popular creators.

Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle blogger | Grace Helbig

The show is set to air on E! this month, they describe Grace’s new show, aptly titled ‘The Grace Helbig Show’ as a ‘new hybrid comedy talk show’ - having had a read through their press release, it looks like it is set to be a TV adaptation of Grace’s highly popular YouTube channel with a few added segments and special guests. I reckon it is sure to be a hit among her 2million subscribers. 

This is definitely the modern world’s take on the generic chat show, featuring Grace’s take on pop-culture, celebrity guests and the use of social media to drive the direction of the show. 

Possibly the best thing about this show is the fact it’ll be brightening up your Monday’s from Monday April 20th at 10pm, exclusive to E! - Monday’s will never be the same again.

The Grace Helbig Show? More like the best darn show concept around…#YouveBeenHazed