So the other day I picked up the brand new GoPro Hero. If you don’t know much about GoPro then you wont be aware that they have just changed their line up to supply different models for different price ranges. Here’s just a quick overview of the camera, it’ll be involved in a huge new summer blog segment I have coming up that you definitely don't want to miss!

The Hero is the new baby of the line up - available for just £99 making it more accessible to people that want a GoPro but don’t fancy paying their top market prices. The Hero, unlike its older brother the Hero 4, is built in to the waterproof case - this is actually, for me a really good idea - my whole plan for having a GoPro is to use it underwater so it made sense that it is always waterproof. It does also come with a skeleton back door which is not waterproof but does improve sound quality when you’re using it in a dry, dust-free environment. 

Gopro hero review | Sam Squire Uk male fashion & lifestyle blogger

This tiny camera can actually record in full 1080p HD - it gives such a cool look too, you can tell from one of their official images above, it picks out colour so well and generally does its job to a really high quality. It has a host of features including Auto Low Light and GoPro's famous SuperView to give you more frame for your buck - this camera truly does pack a lot into a very tiny case. This camera is perfect for the summer and heading on all your adventures!! 

Overall if I were you I would give it a go - it's an impressive little camera and if you're happy to not have Bluetooth or WiFi capabilities then there's no reason you shouldn't give this a go. It does most of what the higher end models do, just in a much more basic fashion - but, heck who wants something confusing?! To read full tech specs, click here and to subscribe to me on YouTube to see some footage that will be coming soon, click here