Hubba Hubba

The word Hub to me means somewhere that’s a basecamp, with everything easily accessible and a plethora of things to do around you, clearly this is a thought Premier Inn had when creating their brand new range of hotels. Hub by Premier Inn is a modern, sleek and digital savvy hotel that won’t let you down. The folks from Hub by Premier Inn kindly offered me a complimentary stay a couple of weekends back and it really didn't disappoint. 

Hub Hotels London | Premier Inn | Sam Squire UK male Fashion Blogger

Upon arrival you check in to the hotel using a touchscreen self-serve kiosk - but unlike most self-service machines…this one actually works (and doesn't have the ability to say ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’ win!). My room was light, bright and extremely comfortable, they’re compact…not cramped and what’s even better is to control your room you don’t even need to move from your bed - simple download the app and tap away (warning…you WILL play with the lights like a child).

Upon heading to my room, the kind bunch from Hub had left me a few gifts, including an iPhone and Apple Watch for me to have a play around on during my stay - what a tech savvy bunch they are! The rooms are clean and perfectly designed to make the most out of the space, you definitely won’t see any wasted floorspace! From perfectly fitting beds, to pull-out desks and a neat little wardrobe, they’ve seriously put some thought in to the layout to ensure comfort and practicality.

The bathroom is big, and that rainfall shower is what dreams are made of, I actually stayed one night and managed to use it three times because it was that good! The storage options are great, drawers and slide out bag racks allow for plenty of room and stop you tripping over your excess baggage. The staff on reception are great, they were all really accommodating, bringing more pillows when requested and allowing a later checkout time, too…what a bunch of legends! 

Hub Hotels London | Premier Inn | Sam Squire UK male Fashion Blogger

After the best sleep of my life (their beds and duvets are the best things ever!) I headed down to get my breakfast that they had kindly included with the room, there’s three options for breakfast, I picked the bacon box, a bacon sandwich in sourdough bread, it was seeeeriously good food!

Everything about the stay was fantastic and really relaxing, it’s a quiet hotel, there’s no loud banging doors and it’s a really comfortable hotel, everything has been carefully thought through and it was an overall really impressive stay. Check out their website, they’re opening more London hotels and even in Scotland, too!