Ibiza Essentials

I don't know about you, but the weather this summer has disappointed me massively. I’ve managed to get away for some sun a few times this year, which was desperately needed to take refuge from the rainy UK, but I thought I could maybe fit one more little holiday in. Next week myself and my blogging boys, Robbie and Charlie are headed to Ibiza to get the last bit of sunshine in before winter, and to attend some of the epic closing parties that the island has to offer.

We’ve teamed up with Boots to put together our ultimate essentials to help you survive Ibiza in style, keeping you looking and smelling good throughout the partying and basking in the sun.

When you’re in the sun, enjoying the pool and having a good old party, one of the hardest things to do is keep your hair looking on point. I swear by the Male Grooming range from Trevor Sorbie and the clay gives a nice hold with a matte finish - the only downside with clay is when your hair gets wet, you’re often left with a bit of a messy style! If I know I’m going to be going in the pool, but still want a slick style beforehand, I tend to use styling powder which is great for holding its shape, and won’t leave your hair feeling grim if it gets wet. There are loads of different styling powders out there, but I find the Fudge Urban Powder works best for my hair.

Men's Holiday Essentials | Sam Squire UK Male fashion blogger

Our hotel bizarrely only has saltwater showers, so I decided to invest in some decent shampoo and conditioner to save myself from looking like Sideshow Bob. The Bumble and bumble Surf range is one I love, so I picked up the shampoo and conditioner to add into my daily Ibiza routine. Not only does it smell great, it’s also really good for adding a bit of moisture back into your hair, which mine will definitely be crying out for from the saltwater shower!

I also picked up a travel hairdryer which was also from Trevor Sorbie, they’re always really handy to have as hotel hairdryers usually are pretty pointless. I am really impressed by the power of this one, it’ll have my hair on point in minutes and the folding handle has made it really easy to pack in my already overpacked suitcase!


When it comes to being out in the sun, wearing a good sun cream is key. I picked up my all time favourite sun cream from Boots which is the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 15 sun cream. This stuff feels and smells amazing and is really lightweight on your skin, I picked up two bottles to be doubly sure that I have enough for the holiday! I also picked some tanning oil for the last day or so of the holiday just to top up the tan before coming home. Piz Buin is another favourite of mine, their SPF6 oil protects from harmful UVA & UVB rays too which is super important if you’re out catching some sun! I always pack aftersun even if I haven't burned it keeps your skin hydrated ready for another day out in the sun. I love the Coconut Papaya Aftersun from Hawaiian Tropic, it smells insane, and leaves your skin feeling really good!

Men's Holiday Essentials | Sam Squire UK Male fashion & lifestyle blogger

Okay, so you’re looking good and you’re getting a nice tan…you also want to smell epic. When I am somewhere warm I always pick up the L’Oreal Men Expert Cool Power Shower gel, it’s got the typical manly scent from a shower gel, but also has a cooling effect (which in some areas feels FREEZING…you lads get me…) which is great if you’ve spent the day out in the sun. You get a tonne of the stuff too, so it’ll definitely last a while! I also picked up my daily deodorant which is the White Shirt Protect from L’Oreal Men Expert. This stuff smells awesome and the scent lasts easily all day, and you also won't be getting any grim sweat-patches on your slick white tees no matter how hard you party!

So, those are my Ibiza essentials in partnership with Boots! Do you think I missed anything, what is your ultimate party holiday essential?

This post contains affiliate links, and was created in partnership with Boots, these are all my own views.