A First-Timers Guide to Ibiza

When it comes to partying, there are many places around the world that Brits flock to for a bit of sun and some epic music. However, there’s one place that is synonymous with partying, and having a bit of fun in the sun…Ibiza! You may have seen all over my social media, I have just got back from the White Island with my blogging bros, Charlie (Modish Male) and Robbie (The Middle Aged Man) - it was my first time in Ibiza, so thought I would put together a little Ibiza Virgin’s Guide to the Island…what to see, where to stay and the parties we attended along with a few tips and tricks I picked up along the way!

We decided back in June time that we would take a trip to Ibiza and hit up some of the closing parties. A package deal seemed the best option for us, as we were going for a 5-day break, we managed to get a pretty good deal with flights and all-inclusive accommodation through TUI’s First Choice brand. Robbie had done Ibiza a few times before and pretty much acted as our tour guide, he knew the best places to stay, so we opted for a hotel in Playa D’en Bossa which is on the Ibiza Town side of the island, as opposed to the San Antonio side. When it comes to accommodation, if you can go all inclusive I'd definitely recommend it, Ibiza is pretty expensive unless you’re spending all your time in the West End, so getting a few pre-drinks down you before heading out on the town will definitely help you to save some cash!

Pacha Ibiza

For our first night in Ibiza, we hit up an old classic that’ll you’ll have definitely heard of even if you’ve never visited the island. Pacha had their Paris By Night party, which was fronted by DJ sets by the likes of Danny Howard and Basement Jaxx. Pacha was a really decent night, before heading to the club we made the most of the happy hour at Zoo Bar in Ibiza Town.

A little tip…most club night’s in Ibiza don't start until super late, midnight at least…so it’s worth keeping that in mind throughout the day, get yourself a disco nap in, as you’re going to be up until at least 6am! We pulled a 24 hour day the day we went to Pacha which was definitely a bit tiring!


We also attended the Defected closing party at Eden over in San Antonio, they took a year off of Defected last year, so a lot of people were extremely buzzed about the closing party this year…and it was definitely epic with DJ’s such as Simon Dunmore, Sam Divine and Franky Rizardo rocking the club until the very early hours! We headed over to San Antonio a couple more times whilst in Ibiza, we also headed to Ocean Beach for the Hedkandi closing party, I know it can be hard to plan ahead, but if you’re thinking of going to Ocean Beach, try to plan it for a sunny day! It was pretty cloudy for most of the day whilst we were there, and it’s the sort of place where you really want to be out in the sun! I do 100% recommend their frozen daiquiris, we had a good few jugs of the strawberry one and it’s pretty bloody good.

Cafe Mambo Ibiza

We ended our holiday in San Antonio, specifically the legendary Cafe Mambo. I am sure you’ve probably all heard of Cafe Mambo, it’s an Ibiza landmark! Myself and the lads headed there for around 6pm to have some food, drinks and watch the most amazing sunset you’ll ever see! I’d definitely recommend Mambos for your final night, it’s a great way to finish a holiday, their food and cocktails are really good, I tried their Berry Bramble and their Moscow Mule and they were absolutely amazing. Top tips if you’re visiting Cafe Mambo, try and pick a day that isn't too cloudy otherwise you’ll miss the sunset, and don't forget to take a pair of sunglasses because it gets pretty bright when the sun starts to set!

Cafe Mambo Ibiza

If you’re currently deciding whether to go to Ibiza next year or not, I would definitely recommend it. I had an epic time and I definitely have the bug for it, I am currently working on convincing the boys to get them to come again next year, and would recommend it to anyone who is currently looking to book for next year!