I've Been Framed

I have to wear glasses all day every day, when I was younger it used to wear pretty thin, I couldn't wear the sunglasses everyone else had and quite frankly, a looked like a rip-off Harry Potter…those round wire glasses were the story of my childhood, I got my first pair aged four…I was literally walking in to things before, my parents didn't know if I was blind or just plain thick…no need to comment on that one.

Vision Express In Style Mens Glasses | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle blogger

Glasses have moved on from those metal glasses (but I had them in literally every colour, I was very Vogue) and there’s so many shapes, sizes and colours to pick from. I am normally in to simple Ray Ban Wayfarer frames, but when Laura from Vision Express picked out these cool In Style frames…I definitely wanted them!

These are a sort of modern take on a popular 1950’s frame, they are half rimmed in plastic and half metal, with plastic arms. They aren't a million miles away from being the wayfarer style I guess size wise they are relatively similar. You’ll be surprised to know (unless you follow me on social media in which case you’ll have seen a selfie or ten of me wearing them) that I have recently ditched  my five year old Ray Ban frames for these, I wear these In Style frames daily, I actually love them, the shape and size is perfect and they are something a little different.

Vision Express In Style Glasses for Men | Sam Squire UK Male Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

These specs are £99 including lenses, that, my friend is a pretty blumming good deal, honestly for a £99 pair of glasses you’re getting a heck load of quality, they’re sturdy and don’t feel at all cheap, definitely worth checking out. Click here to have a look!

These glasses were given to me as a gift, don’t go thinking that will influence my opinion…these are all my views and they have not been persuaded by Vision Express at all!