Fabulously British but a Fabulous Letdown

I like to think I’m quite a fair blogger and that it’s my honest opinions that have gotten me my readership - when I like something I make it well known, and, I'm sure if you follow me on Twitter you’ll see that and you’ll know that I am honest…therefore, if something is shoddy, I’ll absolutely say so.

Ah Jack Wills, they are, of course known for good British qualities, after all they refer to themselves as ‘Fabulously British’ which, quite frankly WOULD be the case if British Qualities included poor customer service, broken promises and being left completely in the dark! 

Rewind to before Christmas, if you can remember anything before NYE happened…I headed to Jack Wills in Lincoln because, unfortunately the sweater I had owned for literally a couple of months had lost most of its wool, shrunk and gone in to a hole - I was super disappointed because it was one of my favourite sweaters and it had only ever been hand washed, really it was just a badly made garment (no wonder they’re hugely reduced now!). 

The girl was helpful but unfortunately it had to be returned to quality control (A process I have been informed should take around 4 weeks) - I thought it was odd that Jack Wills hadn't gotten in touch with me at all so last weekend I dropped in to store to have a chat to Emily, their manager. 

Emily agreed that it was definitely odd that I hadn't heard anything so wanted to check it had all been sent off properly and that there were no issues ‘I promise either way I will ring you by the end of the day on Monday’ - now, I may be wrong BUT today is Thursday, Monday is long gone and it’s almost the weekend again, I haven’t heard a peep from Emily or Jack Wills and I somewhat feel like I’ve been left completely in the dark. 

Needless to say I am disappointed, Jack Wills unfortunately aren't meeting their mantra, they most certainly aren't being ‘Fabulously British’ because, as a Brit i’d say being fabulously British would be being honest, sticking to our guns and being good bloody quality. I know some people will think I should give them a chance but over a month after the jumper first went in, being told I would get contact and not getting anything means they’ve had their chances and on this occasion Jack Wills have got it all wrong, it’s a real shame. 

This post is a work-in-progress and I shall let you all know how I get on with Jack Wills over time, for now, I would STRONGLY recommend you do everything you can to avoid their knitwear, unless you have a newborn son that can wear it once it’s shrunk.

Fabulously British but a Fabulous Letdown.